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We are basically team of people. We are professional 3d graphic designers with passion in 3d printing. We are in this business from 2013 and we want to push this industry a little bit. We thing that 3d printers can help to people, educate our kids, or just have a fun with it. Our mission is to serve here more complex 3d models, share our skills and make some interesting stuff for you. 

We are team of architects & designers who explore and develop possibilities of 3D printing technology.

3D printing technology as a way of developing a product which is constantly evolving and being perfected based on errors of previous prototypes, much as living organisms are. Every product has its own charm as well as errors. It is not perfect and imperfections make it unique.

We are 3d printing Marketplace. Various projects developing children's skills such as motor skills, perception, spatial imagination, care for nature, reading, writing and more.


Store is powered by:

MISS3 s.r.o.

Biskupská 267/8, Brno, 60200

IČO: 27668185

DIČ: CZ27668185


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