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Rocket Lamp

You have many options. You can choose from 3 body designs. You can choose the light source. You can create your own lamp code and behavior. We have 3 positions for touch buttons.

It's all about your creativity.


Wire or solid?


Amazon Alexa

Custom designs

Step by step tutorials

Choice is yours


Beginner Assembly Guide

  • No soldering

  • Stock RGB LED Stripe
  • 3d print Base_Universal.stl



Advanced Assembly Guide

  • Soldering recommended

  • 5V-12V RGB Led Stripe
  • 5V-12V DC Power adapter
  • DC power connector
  • FIBARO Wall Plug Apple HomeKit for mobile app control
  • 3d print Base_DC.stl



Master Assembly Guide

  • Soldering required

  • NeoPixel Ring - 24 x 5050 RGB LED
  • TTP223 Touch Sensor Module 
  • WeMos D1 Mini ESP8266 WiFi
  • IoT ESP-WROOM-32 WiFi (optional)
  • Micro USB cable
  • Arduino IDE required
  • 1x TTP223 in tower TOP
  • 2x TTP223 in base (optional)
  • Blynk app (optional)
  • programmable
  • custom effects
  • 3d printBase_Wemos_D1_Mini.stl


3d printed parts

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