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3D printed product/Urban development Feeding birds has never been easier.

NEW Birdfeeder 4.5

to the garden

We are!

World wide community of people connected by a product which means design, rapid prototyping, architecture, technology, green thinking and more...


You can configure your own colors and size and place


You can print yourself. Register in our world bird feeder map below

ECO Friendly

PLA material - organic based and biodegradable plastic

World wide

You are not alone! We are all over the world, everywhere


We are expecting feedback from you to make our product better


We are expecting feedback from you to make our product better


Product is continuously being developed based on mistakes of previous generations


You can show your kids how to care about our nature



We are still working on new models.

Do you like to notify on them.


Birdfeeder 4.0


Window is the best TV. Live! Attach birdfeeder to your window and just watch.

Feed your birds, they will be your friends soon.

Now we have two types of birdfeeders. Choose the one that fits exactly for you.

Birdfeeder 4.5


Solution for gardens. If you are so lucky, and you have tree close to your window, use this model. You can feed and drink

your birds with one model.


We are team of architects & designers who explore and develop possibilities of 3D printing technology.

3D printing technology as a way of developing a product which is constantly evolving and being perfected based on errors of previous prototypes, much as living organisms are. Every product has its own charm as well as errors. It is not perfect and imperfections make it unique.









We are global

You are not alone! We are all over the world, everywhere.


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Our goal is continuous genesis of offsprings, evolution and extensions.

Cornerstone of our philosophy is feedback from our users who are considered part of the team - we call it open cloud design. In our opinion there is no perfect design, no flawless product. 3D printing technology is evolving, perfecting itself; future generations are going to be bigger, better and they will be produced much faster than they are now.

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