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3d print ready Assembly Toy Chopper Motorbike

This chopper improves motor skills . Chopper gives you twice the fun: during assembly and, of course, when playing afterwards. Chopper is very easy to assemble. Watch our instructions video for step-by-step manual to show you exactly how to do it. Or you can just try to solve with your kids together and figure it out for yourself. The assembly is done without effort by a screw principle. It mainly develops children's fine motor skills, their imagination and vision.At the same time, the child can practice breathing exercises and spin the mill by blowing


We have new updated screws solution. It will never break.








Licence: SD3DPL


This is not a physical product. You are buying 3D model for 3D printing only.

3d printed Assembly Toy Chopper Motorbike

VAT Included
  • File size - 26.5MB

    Updated: April, 13th 2022

  • Files included

    • 01_chassis.stl
    • 02_body_1.stl
    • 03_body_2.stl
    • 04_front_rod.stl
    • 05_engine.stl
    • 06_handlebar.stl
    • 07_tank.stl
    • 08_wheels.stl
    • 09_tyres.stl
    • 10_screw.stl
    • 11_screw_cap.stl
    • 12_screwdiver_1.stl
    • 13_screwdiver_2.stl


    • STL layouts fit for standart printer 20 x 20 x 20cm
    • You need to rotate some parts for print om 12 x 12 x 12cm
  • Printing Time

    • 18+ Hours @0.2mm
  • Model Size

    • 19 x 10 x 7 cm
  • Filament Consuption

    • PETG/PLA - 210g
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