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From idea to final 3d printable product in 1 week.

I had this project in my head for quite a long time. I set myself the goal of whether everything can be done in 1 week. Sketch everything, make a 3D model, test 3D prints, take a picture of everything, make a manual, project website, Youtube video and publish everything in our e-shop. Yes it works.

At Printednest, we try to come up with projects that would teach our children new things, such as the basics of electronics, manual dexterity, to train spatial imagination. The project, like Caramel MINI, is simple, but you have to solder with it.

That's why we invented the Rocket MINI, which can show how the simplest circuit in the world works - LED + battery. And without soldering.

Choose the color of the diode, the color of the individual parts and you can easily build the entire rocket base. The rocket is designed in such a way that if the child does not play with it, it simply does not light. If you want to light the racket, you have to interact with the toy, and the child develops motor skills. If he wants to be lit when the rocket is standing, he must turn the item so that it is ON side up.

That is all.

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